Platform for managing Digital Twins


Twinbase revolutionizes digital twin management and streamlines the exchange of data and product information across systems and companies, employing state-of-the-art semantic technologies. We address the challenges of laborious and costly data movement between software systems in various organizations. Traditionally, this involves manual processes such as emailing or copy-pasting, or costly integration projects for API-based data transfer.

Our technology can be used for sharing data through complex supply chains, such as construction, battery, and textile industries, and bringing the transparent product data to the customers and end users. Examples of the data include CO2 emissions, raw materials, and technical specs. Twinbase introduces innovative semantic concepts for a digital product passport, providing a comprehensive and standardized record for each product’s journey.

Twinbase is a Research-to-Business project based at Aalto University and funded by Business Finland. Before starting the company in summer 2024, we will validate our business cases in real-life customer environments through pilot projects.

Our solution

Twinbase is a platform designed for seamless implementation of semantic twins. With its comprehensive set of features, Twinbase offers the essential tools to effectively manage and utilize twin documents.

Twinbase fetches the fresh product data automatically from data sources, saving time and ensuring data quality.

Twinbase has the capability to make incompatible formats compatible creating superior platform scalability.


Our platform ensures a cost-effective, scalable, and standardized solution for streamlined digital product passport creation and product data flow. Unlike current options that are expensive, often incompatible, and struggle to keep pace with the dynamic web environment, Twinbase solution provides increased operational efficiency, reduced costs, and mitigated risks associated with data integrity.

Save time and money.

Additional revenue creation opportunities.

Regulatory compliance.

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We are looking for productive reference cases where our solutions produce concrete value to the users.

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Our team

We are a dedicated group of experts from Aalto University, supported by Business Finland, on a mission to revolutionize digital twin management.


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Looking for more information?

What is a digital twin?

Digital twins are virtual counterparts of a real-world entities. Their contents are defined by case-specific needs.

A digital twin can include e.g. 3D-model, laser scanning, and/or simulation model of a product. The simulation can be connected to IoT sensor data, and the digital twin can control the product.

Digital twin can also mean a text-based description of a product, emphasizing the importance of high-quality metadata.

What is Twinbase Research-to-Business (R2B) project?

Twinbase project has received funding from Business Finland to find commercialization opportunities for a researched technology. We are now looking to apply our Twinbase platform in various commercial use cases and finding the best fit for our technology.

During this project we have several goals to achieve to ensure we can launch our start-up in after summer 2024.